How to Wear All Black, If You’re a Guy

Now that you’ve mastered How to Wear Pink, If You’re a Guy, try something even more difficult: black.

Gone are the days of the 1950’s beat generation or the grunge scene of the ‘90’s where dressing in all black meant you were a cool in a mysterious and artistic way. Today if a guy dresses in all black it sends one of the following wrong messages to the world:

1)     “I have recorded my own album called ‘Rock Tyme Central’, featuring me on electric guitar, keyboards, vocals, and back up vocals.”

2)      “Every once in a while, I put my tongue ring back in just to keep the hole from closing up.”

3)     “I worship Satan.”

When choosing to wear a black collared shirt, whether it’s a polo or long sleeved button down, unless you’re wearing with it dark jeans, you’re making a risky move, because you must carefully plan everything else you wear with it.

And since black shirts don’t usually work well with khaki pants (just like you can’t wear brown shoes with black pants), you will ultimately end up wearing some form of black pants: dark gray, charcoal, or faded black.  So technically, that means you’re wearing all black.

But these days, the only way to wear all black if you’re a guy is to not literally wear all black, but instead, pay tribute to the idea.  To pull this off, you must incorporate a color accent, or distraction, against the uniform consistency of your “all black” attire.  Like a blue t-shirt underneath your black shirt that barely shows through.  Or a white belt.  Or really nice Diesel style shoes with color in them- but not regular sneakers.

9 thoughts on “How to Wear All Black, If You’re a Guy

  1. My husband can pull off a black polo with khaki pants. Black and tan work so well together there is a drink named after it and the expression has been around since 1889 (wikipedia). Just don’t wear black shoes.


    • That’s good he can pull it off. 🙂 I think if the khakis are dark enough, and like you said, the shoes aren’t black, it can work. It’s so risky, I just avoid it all together.


  2. I like the khaki shirt, khaki pants accented by a black belt and shiny black shoes. Sort of an old military style outfit. Not sure if it works, but I like wearing it about once a month, enough time that people sort of remember it, but sort of don’t.


  3. Such nonsense. I wear all black some days (boots, black jeans, a stylish black trench coat etc) and it is very satisfying or even artistic. You dress the way you feel or what makes you comfortable, not such things as written above.


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