Constantine Leaves, Ryan P. Returns in Fiji: Ashley Hebert the Bachelorette- Episode 9

This wasn’t that funny of an episode, but at least I make fun of Chris Harrison’s honeymoon suites overnight invitation.  And that’s well overdue.

"We're still going to have a rose ceremony. Why?"

“Call me crazy.” -Ryan P. “The book’s not closed, unless Ashley says it is.” -Ryan P., forgetting that Ashley already said the book’s closed by sending him home the first time “We are giddy little school children.” -Ben F. “Oh, look at the water.” -Constantine “Did you think Bentley came back?” – Ashley to Ryan P. “We’re still going to have a rose ceremony.  Why?” -Dreamy host Chris Harrison to sunburned Ashley Okay, so I can admit that this episode didn’t give me much material to work with when it comes to making sarcastic comments.  But I do have an idea… The Top 5 Reasons the Honeymoon Suites Overnight Invitation by Chris Harrison is Literally the Most Absurd Part of The Bachelor Franchise: 1) How is it not trashy to sleep with three different people back-to-back-to-back? 2) What gives Chris Harrison the authority to tell people who have only known each other for a few weeks that they can share a room? 3) Aside from it being trashy to sleep with two or more contestants whom you may or may not become engaged to marry a week later, that’s beyond awkward and messed up for the remaining contestants. 4) Is it really any surprise anymore when each contestant reads Chris’s invitation?  The show has been on the air for a long time now.  There’s just no need to fake it. 5) If this show is about finding the right person to marry, how is cheating on them with one or two other people a week before you get engaged them possibly a good idea?

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