Ethnically Diverse Hometown Dates- Ashley Hebert the Bachelorette- Episode 8

Ames is an onion.  Constantine is Dracula.  JP Rosenbaum is confirmed Jewish by his bar mitzvah picture pulled out of the closet, thanks to his mom… only in a hometown date.

The Ashley Tab:

number of people who found my website within the first 24 hours of the hometown dates episode airing by Googling “is Ashley Hebert Jewish?”: 490

references to JP’s heart being broken: 9

references to peeling away the onion layers of Ames: 2

Ethnic Backgrounds of the Contestants:

Constantine Tzortzis from Cumming, GA: Greek

Ben Flajnik from Sonoma, CA: Italian and Slovanian

Ames Brown from Chadd’s Ford, PA: Irish-Scottish-English (in other words, “all American”)

JP Rosenbaum from Roslyn, NY: as it it weren’t already completely obvious, now that his bar mitzvah picture has been made public… very, very Jewish

Ashley Hebert from Madawaska, ME: French-Canadian (not Jewish); she did the “Sign of the Cross” on the 2nd episode, showing her Catholic raising

Odd Observations about the Rose Ceremony:

Ben: An unspoken rule on The Bachelor franchise is that you can’t get a haircut to the point of it being noticeable.  Even more important, you can’t get a noticeable haircut in the same episode.  But it was pretty obvious that Ben’s mop top, which was mentioned a couple times during the episode, was trimmed to the point of barely being classified as shaggy, as noticed in the rose ceremony.

Dreamy host, Chris Harrison: He wore a vertically striped shirt with a solid color tie that had one random diagonal stripe going across the top.  That’s sort of pushing the envelope for a polygamist game show host, for some reason.

Constantine: He totally looked like Dracula.

Who Ashley Sent Home:

Saint Ames

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