Ron Paul is Officially Running for President in 2012; He Announced It Today on Good Morning America (and I’m Voting for Him)

Peace, love, and Ron Paul.

Truly, I’m not a political kind of guy.  In the past, I’ve simply voted “Republican” because I’m more of a conservative than I am a liberal.  But this is the first time in an upcoming election where I have already firmly decided to vote for a candidate- regardless of him being a Republican or a Democrat.  This man’s political stance so closely lines up to my own personal beliefs and what I believe our country needs, that I don’t care whether he’s blue or red; he absolutely has my vote.

I didn’t really know who Ron Paul was until he dropped out of the 2008 Presidential race and I began noticing all the “Ron Paul 2008” signs out on the sides of roads, placed there by his grassroots supporters.  Soon after, I realized he was the man I should have been rooting for.  Like every other Ron Paul fan, I’ve been waiting for this moment for since 2008; for the moment that Ron Paul would make it official that he will be running for President in the 2012 election.  Finally, as of today, it’s official!  He just announced it on “Good Morning America”.  And I’m proud to show my support.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I am able to point out some of the major ideas that Ron Paul supports:

Paul supports constitutional rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms, and habeas corpus for political detainees.

He opposes the Patriot Act, federal use of torturepresidential autonomy, a national ID carddomestic surveillance, and the draft.

Citing the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, Paul advocates states’ rights to decide how to regulate social matters not directly found in the Constitution.

Paul calls himself “strongly pro-life”,[183] “an unshakable foe of abortion”,[184] and believes regulation or ban[185] on medical decisions about maternal or fetal health is “best handled at the state level”.[186][187] He says his years as an obstetrician led him to believe life begins at conception;[188] his abortion-related legislation, like the Sanctity of Life Act, is intended to negate Roe v. Wade and to get “the federal government completely out of the business of regulating state matters.”[189]

Paul also believes that the notion of the separation of church and state is currently misused by the court system: “In case after case, the Supreme Court has used the infamous ‘separation of church and state’ metaphor to uphold court decisions that allow the federal government to intrude upon and deprive citizens of their religious liberty.”[190]

He opposes federal regulation of the death penalty[186] (although he opposes capital punishment),[191] of education,[192] and of marriage, and supports revising the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to focus on disruptive sexual behavior (whether heterosexual or homosexual).[193] 

As a free-market environmentalist, he asserts private property rights in relation to environmental protection and pollution prevention. He also opposes the federal War on Drugs,[194] and thinks the states should decide whether to regulate or deregulate drugs such as medical marijuana.[195]

Paul pushes to eliminate federal involvement in and management of health care, which he argues would allow prices to drop due to the fundamental dynamics of a free market.[196]

He is an outspoken proponent for increased ballot access for 3rd party candidates and numerous election law reforms which he believes would allow more voter control.[197] Referring to the federal government, Ron Paul has also stated that “The government shouldn’t be in the medical business.” He is also opposed to federal government flu inoculation programs.[198]  

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul is Officially Running for President in 2012; He Announced It Today on Good Morning America (and I’m Voting for Him)

  1. He’s from south of here, the 14th congressional district of TX, and we have been aware of his political career since he first ran. It was interesting to follow an MD in office. Like George Bush who moved from back East, he raised his family in TX also. I’m glad he left the Libertarian Party and I think it’s amazing he weathered that move back and forth.


  2. You woke up and so did I….I was actually thinking Obama might could stem the racial divide when he first looked like he might win and I would have considered voting for him. The Dominican born and raised girl I was dating told me to research him as she did not like him.

    Now I’m a HUGE Ron Paul fan and know the truth about our country and the FED, etc. how ironic don’t you think?


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