Brad Womack the Bachelor 2011 Recaps: Episode 10- The Women Tell All

Brad Tab:

“controversial”: 7

“right reasons”: 6

“most talked about season”: 5

“I left my daughter at home”: 5

“new Ashley”: 4

“toxic”: 3

“Mercy!”: 2

“pretty cry”: 2

“ruffling feathers”: 2

shots of Brad’s pecs: 2

“onion breath”: 1

number of actual tears that Michelle used while crying in the hot seat: zero

Memorable Quotes:

“She’ll make some vampire happy someday.” Brad referring to Madison (AKA: “Fang Girl”)

“I hate to break it to you, but you were in love with Brad.” -Chris Harrison to Ashley H.

“I never said that.  Oh wait, I did say that.” -Brad

Team “Michelle is a Spider”: Stacy, Sarah P., Marissa, Jackie

Team “Michelle is Funny/She Doesn’t Have a Malicious Bone in Her Body”: Madison, Ashley H., Brit

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