Brad Womack the Bachelor 2011 Recaps: Episode 8- Hometown Dates (Seattle, WA; Madawaska, ME; Charlotte, NC; Chico, CA)/Shawntel Newton Goes Home

Ci, I would like some poutine!  Come here, to me, with it… please.

The Brad Tab:

Number of times that Brad referred to Chantal O. as “emotional”: 5

Number of times the phrase “up’s and down’s” was used to refer to Chantal O.’s emotional state: 3

Siamese cats between the four hometowns: 2

Number of “Self-made man” statues at Chantal O.’s parents’ mansion: 1

“right reasons”: 1

Memorable Quotes:

“When you’re 45… where do you want to be?” Chantal O.’s dad, Mike, to Brad- not realizing that Brad is already 38 years old

“Good job, I saw your crown.” -Ashley H. to Brad, while they were sharing some gravy cheese fries

“Second of all, this is a first.” -Brad to Shawntel N., in an honest effort to show her that he is not chronologically challenged

“Do you want to be cremated?” -Shawntel N. to Brad, who could have probably had him cremated for free when he dies if he wouldn’t have sent her home

“I really like bikes.” -Brad, learning to open up (Thank you, three years of therapy!)

“I don’t want to leave weird.” Brad, about to leave Emily’s house, weirdly

New Terms We Learned from This Episode:

Poutine- fries topped with cheese and gravy

Ci- the word Brad uses for “yes” when speaking French

The Full Package- Chantal O.’s Siamese-looking cat named Jinxie, Boca (the dog that looks like a fox), and Bailey (a camera shy dog)

Who Brad Gave a Rose To: Emily, Chantal O., and Ashley H.

Who Brad Sent Home: Shawntel Newton (sadly…)

Will Shawntel Newton be the next Bachelorette?  I’m starting a rumor that she will be.  After all, she does kind of look like a dark haired version of Ali Fedotowsky.  Just sayin’…

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