Ali Fedotowsky the Bachelorette: Episode 9- Frank in Tahiti

No, Frank.  Going to Tahiti is probably not a good idea for you at this point.

Ali Tally:

seconds of silence in Frank’s meeting with his ex-girlfriend Nicole: 23

pearls found by Ali and Chris which Ali compared to her relationship with Chris: 3

peacock dress: 1

scene of Ali lifting her head out of the water in slo-mo: 1

granny sweaters worn by Frank: 0

Profound Quotes:

“It’s killing me that I may be in love with different two women at the same time.” -Frank, forgetting that’s kind of the whole point of the show

“I’m in love with Nicole and Nicole is who I want to be with for the rest of my life.” -Frank, giving plenty of reason not to go to Tahiti

“I have to go find Ali and tell her what I’ve done today.” –Frank, forgetting he just gave us a pretty good reason why he shouldn’t

“I have to go to Tahiti and tell her I’m in love with someone else.” -Frank, at this point being lured by a free trip to Tahiti from the producers to go do an considerably unnecessary deed

“I’m excited to get in this helicopter.  This is what life is about.” -Roberto, whom no one ever told that life is about more than helicopter rides

“She looks like she got smashed in the face with a frying pan.” -my wife, after seeing the preview of Ali crying right before she said the next quote, below

“I don’t know what to do.” -Ali, using her same catch phrase that she said when she left Jake Pavelka for her job

“I don’t know what to do.” -Frank, not realizing that’s Ali’s trademarked line

“I feel like I’m 12.” -Roberto after jumping off the boat into the water with Ali, screaming like a 12 year old boy in the process

“He’s the biggest jerk I’ve ever known.” -Ali forgetting about the now ex-boyfriend she mentioned on the last season who cheated on her in the room next to her

“The guys are arriving by boat.” -Chris Harrison, disappointed that the original plan for Roberto and Chris to arrive riding by whaleback fell through

Highlights/Lowlights: (It’s hard to know the difference…)

-Roberto diving into two feet of water while swimming at the beach with Ali.

-Roberto taking off his sneakers and carrying them so they wouldn’t get ruined as he walked through the water to dinner with Ali

-The crying contest which took place between Frank and Ali

-Ali not letting us down by doing her token crying move: messing up her hair for 42 seconds while whining, “I don’t know what to do…”

How It Ended:

Who Ali Kept: Roberto and Chris

Who Ali Sent Home: no one

Who Went Home on Their Own: Frank

Much Needed Voice of Reason:

There clearly is an obvious double standard here.  It’s okay for Ali to kiss every guy on the show if she wants, meet their families, get in hot tubs with them, stay in a “fantasy suite” with them, but it’s not okay for Frank to still have feelings for someone he’s known longer than Ali (which at that point was less than two months).

In real life, Frank wouldn’t have flown to Tahiti to tell Ali he’s in love with someone else, he would have just told Chris Harrison.  But in real life, they wouldn’t be in Tahiti.  They’d be in… Oh yeah, I forgot.  None of this would happen in real life.


As this season comes to a close, I’ve had literally hundreds of readers who have found my site by searching to find out who on the show is Jewish.  Here are the answers.

Who’s Jewish:

Frank Neuschaefer: Jewish of German descent

Jonathan “The Weatherman” Novack: Jewish of Polish descent

Who’s Not Jewish:

Ali Fedotowsky: Latvian descent

Chris Harrison: English descent

Craig “Dangerous” McKinnon: Canadian of Irish descent

Chris “Cape Cod” Lambton: Scottish descent

11 thoughts on “Ali Fedotowsky the Bachelorette: Episode 9- Frank in Tahiti

    • You’re welcome. And thanks for answering my question about Frank’s ex/current gf. I really thought she was Jewish, thanks for clearing that up for us :)


    • Mainly, yes. The last name typically gives it away. I also look for certain physical features as well to confirm it. You got me thinking- maybe I should do a post on how to look for certain features of backgrounds- I like to figure out who is Scottish, also. They’re usually pretty easy to pick out.


  1. Just watched the episode today. Took me a while to get my eyes to “unroll”….this episode provided enough eye rolling opportunities. I love your recaps.
    I would add to the Ali tally: flowers thrown on the floor from Ali’s hair–1. (To adequately mess up her do and pull off the “just dumped” look).


    • Next Monday when we see more of Ali’s dad (it briefly showed a clip of him already), we’ll be able to see his Jewish features. I don’t think her mom is Jewish, just her dad. And based on the fact that she doesn’t eat kosher (she’s eaten plenty of shellfish already on this season), I would venture to say she’s more Jewish by blood than she is by religious affiliation. She’s Jewish, but I wouldn’t say she or the others I listed are necessarily 100% Jewish and/or practicing.


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