20/20 Inside the Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose Recap

For those looking for morsels of a Bachelor episode stuck in between the sofa cushions, ABC allowed 20/20 to do a behind the scenes look at the show that has begun to replace the outdated daytime soap opera.

Here is what I learned (and cared enough to take notes about) from watching “20/20 Inside the Bachelor: The Stories Behind the Rose”:

That The Bachelor was basically an indirect spin-off of a failed Fox reality marriage show called “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?”, which I never actually saw but definitely remember making fun of the commercial.  Because at the time, it was the Fox network, not VH1, that was known for its instantly-jumping-the-shark concepts.

Reid Rosenthal

The most recent bachelor was intended to be Jewish contestant Reid Rosenthal, from the Jillian Harris season, but the producers felt that Jake Pavelka wanted it more.

There is a doctor and psychologist on call for the contestants.

The contestants are tested for STD’s before they can come on the show.

The creator of the show, Mike Fleiss, admitted that he and the producers saw Wes Hayden as “the villain” during the casting process.  He admitted that for the show to work, only half the contestants need to be there “for the right reasons”.  He agreed they turned “lemons into lemonade” both with Rozlyn Papa’s ” inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers” and Jason Mesnick’s rejection of Melissa Rycroft after he proposed to her, both by airing the incidents on the show.  Mike Fleiss laughingly acknowledged that they spent $20,000 to get “good teeth” for the London Calling Bachelor, Matt Grant.

Favorite Quotes:

“He reminds me more of one of the bachelorettes.” -Chris Harrison referring to Jake Pavelka

“I’ve been punched, slapped, I’ve had my hair pulled, and drinks have been spilled on my crotch area.” -Wes Hayden, on post Bachelorette life

Bachelor Creator, Mike Fleiss

And of course, as expected, the show ended with a 4 minute promotion of Ali Fedotowsky’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette.  Just in case we’ve forgotten.  Don’t worry, producers, we’ll show up to watch in May.  The picnic at the Hollywood sign actually sounds kinda cool.  Plus, Ali told us that the stylists from the show have been helping her with her hair and clothes.  Unashamedly, that’s a makeover show I won’t mind watching.  But really, can anyone really cure Ali of her “whine and tease hair” routine?  Probably not.

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