The Cannabis Conspiracy: Common Sense and Justice

One of my favorite comedies of all time is Zoolander. There is a part towards the end where Will Ferrell’s character Mugato shouts out loud, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” as he is baffled by the fact it appears no one seems to notice what’s really going on.

That is how I feel about this issue. One of the hardest things to do is to sit back and do nothing when I know I am clearly right about something and wait for common sense to prove its course. I am not a politician. I am simply a writer who distracts people from doing their job at work, as they click on my writings to escape Office Cubicle Hell. I can’t change American legal policy. But I can help open peoples’ eyes to a crazy concept we continue to allow and help change the minds of the average American, which I am. And that in turn will change the law.

A law that is much less important than the issue of millions of dying people in Africa. Less important than the fact that people all over the world don’t know a loving God who wants a relationship with them. But this does concern cancer and AIDS sufferers, along with many other diseases we are too young to worry about right now.  It doesn’t make sense to let people suffer on account of a man-made law.

And admittedly, it’s also the Principle of the Thing. Within the next 10 years, cannabis will be legalized.  We can go ahead and mark our calendars.

Whereas the majority of my life I have been bias against cannabis, now it’s the other way around.  Because I did intense research, sincerely trying to prove how bad marijuana is.  And then the evidence and research didn’t match the outcome I intended.  Now I am among the first wave of non-stoners coming out and proclaiming that not only was criminalizing cannabis a silly thing to do, but a selfish one as well.

We are the healthy ones.  We are not in the pain that the others experience each day. After watching and reading many interviews from the sick and dying, I’ve seen case after case of prescription drugs not even coming close to taking care of the symptoms the way medical marijuana does.

Writing and publishing this series may not have been an honorable or popular thing to do at the time.  But I may be the first person that many people are actually willing to listen to about it.  It would have insulted my intelligence to keep silent.  Now, just like I did, readers of the Cannabis Conspiracy have the option and responsibility to do with this information what makes the most sense.


The Cannabis Conspiracy Table of Contents

The Profit from Illegalization
The False Floor of the Harmful Gateway Theory
The Stigma of a Pot Head is a Stereotype
God was the First Cannabis Grower
Society Itself is a Hypocrite
Man is Taking Credit for God’s Free Gift
Common Sense and Justice
Banning Cannabis Keeps Us from Utilizing Hemp

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