The Cannabis Conspiracy: What Does Our Society Really Think of Marijuana?


At the beginning of the decade, Benjamin Curtis was paving the way for a big career in TV and movies after his successful ad campaign, being the spokesdude for Dell: “Dude, you’re getting a Dell.” But in 2003, he lost it all (including a speculated $1 million contract) when he was caught trying to purchase a bag of marijuana.

More recently, Michael Phelps’ achievement of winning a record-breaking 16 Olympic gold medals was soon overshadowed when pictures showed up on the Internet of him using a bong. Wheaties, Corn Flakes, and Frosted Flakes immediately pulled all the boxes featuring Phelps on the cover. (According to Details magazine, around 3,800 pounds of these cereals were donated to a San Francisco food bank when his sponsorship was revoked in February.)

Meanwhile, rapper Snoop Dogg continues to enjoy his career promoting the use of marijuana in his music, as well as in magazine and TV interviews. In 2005, he was chosen by T-Mobile as a new spokesperson for the cell phone brand. His open promotion of cannabis use actually helps his career, while the plant destroyed the up-and-coming acting career of Benjamin Curtis and buzz-killed the hype of Michael Phelps’ amazing victories.

People in the public eye are placed on pedestals, often having to live and die by a higher standard. At least most of the time. The same society that damned the Dell Dude and turned their back on Michael Phelps for an intended private use of marijuana, also glorifies a hip hop artist and simply laughs off his explicit use of the plant.

There is an obvious double standard when it comes to this controversial medicinal plant. Society gets to be the judge of the issue, in more ways than one.

I am amazed by the power of social acceptance. Again, the leading causes of death in America each year: 435,000 by tobacco; 365,000 by poor diet and inactivity; 85,000 by alcohol; 32,000 by prescription drugs; 7,600 by aspirin. Yet there has yet to ever be a reported cause of death by marijuana alone, ever. Not even a proven link to lung cancer.

Never in history.

The Cannabis Conspiracy Table of Contents

The Profit from Illegalization
The False Floor of the Harmful Gateway Theory
The Stigma of a Pot Head is a Stereotype
God was the First Cannabis Grower
Society Itself is a Hypocrite
Man is Taking Credit for God’s Free Gift
Common Sense and Justice
Banning Cannabis Keeps Us from Utilizing Hemp

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