The Cannabis Conspiracy: The Stereotype of a Pot Head


Cannabis use makes people lazy, right? But how did Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Dave Matthews Band, The Beatles and any other big name actor or musician became as successful and wealthy as they are? Evidently it doesn’t make a person that uninspired and lazy.

The stigma that cannabis makes someone unproductive is a very believable one. But it’s a matter of “what came first, the chicken or the egg?” A person is already lazy and into shady stuff. Then they use cannabis and give it a bad name.

If cannabis were legal for medical use, it would just be difficult to regulate. Because where would the line be drawn? For cancer patients only? For day to day pain? As I write this, I have a debilitating headache. I took a “migraine strength” aspirin. I feel jittery, yet I’ve now had this excruciating pain in my head for over 4 hours now.


My Saturday afternoon plans are shot as I sit here and wait for it to go away. I’ve tried caffeine, a hot shower, and drank plenty of water. If I could take a cannabis pill knowing that it wasn’t illegal and that I wouldn’t lose my job, would I? Of course I would, if it meant I didn’t have to feel this. I haven’t been able to eat all day it hurts so bad. What would the average person do, if it were legal?

If it were legal so many people would use it as a recreational drug.  One of my concerns about that was the answer to this question: How would legalizing marijuana affect DUI’s?

The funny thing is, I’ve never heard of anyone getting a DUI simply on account of marijuana use.  I’ve heard of people getting a DUI because of the combination of alcohol and marijuana, but not just marijuana alone.  I did some research.  Case after case showed no evidence of a link between cannabis use and impaired driving.  That was a difficult belief for me to get past.  But simply, if marijuana alone impairs driving skills, there should be abundant evidence of this, and there’s not.  A simple Google search will prove this, and it did for me.

Interestingly, we would have to confront the issue of all the criminals who are serving time in prison for cannabis possession. We can’t admit, after all these years, that we were wrong about a medicinal plant. That’s embarrassing.

It’s a modern day version of “The Emperor’s Clothes”. Politicians are afraid to get their hands (and reputations) dirty with it. Except for hero Ron Paul. And they’re actually smart enough to know the truth. But ultimately it’s not up to them.

If the mainstream public were briefly educated on the truth about cannabis and heard past the traditional propaganda, then the mainstream public would have the power to change things. A society’s culture is crafted by what its people as a whole choose to accept and reject.


The Cannabis Conspiracy Table of Contents

The Profit from Illegalization
The False Floor of the Harmful Gateway Theory
The Stigma of a Pot Head is a Stereotype
God was the First Cannabis Grower
Society Itself is a Hypocrite
Man is Taking Credit for God’s Free Gift
Common Sense and Justice
Banning Cannabis Keeps Us from Utilizing Hemp

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