The Cannabis Conspiracy: How is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?


The gateway drug: fact or fiction?

Continuing to believe that marijuana is rightly illegal is difficult when a person knows the whole story. It means a person must overlook the fact that the ones who actually do make a profit from the #1 produced crop in the state of California are criminals. It means a person would not see it as a good idea to tax the #1 produced crop in California.

It means that we have to turn a blind eye to the fact that keeping marijuana illegal ensures criminals can have steady work and make a good living. But it at least it gives something for the government and police something to chase around.

Both alcohol and tobacco are legal to sell, buy, and use. Yet it’s well known to the general public that thousands of people die in our country each year from the use of these products. Everybody knows it’s possible to overdose from alcohol and that it can cause not only dependency but all kinds of diseases. And obviously we know all the deadly effects of using tobacco. But how many deaths occur every year in America from the use (or abuse) of cannabis? A thousand? A hundred? Five? One? Nope.


It’s amazing to see how many die from legal drugs, aspirin, and caffeine.

No one has ever overdosed from cannabis. In fact, there has yet to be a proven link between lung cancer and cannabis. Strangely, what studies that have been done on the subject show, if anything, cannabis actually HELPS patients with lung cancer.

One of it’s nicknames is “weed”, giving us this idea that it’s a toxic plant. It’s just simply not toxic. It’s a medicine.  What people are not realizing is that they are taking some things they know about smoking tobacco and adding it to their perception of smoking marijuana.  I wrote an article called 1.2 Billion People Can’t Be Wrong ( which explains that tobacco was put on Earth to serve as a pesticide.  That’s why when a person smokes tobacco, all kinds of harmful things happen to their body.

But marijuana is not a pesticide.  Not saying that smoking anything is the best way to consume it, but obviously smoking a naturally poisonous plant (tobacco) will kill a person.  Therefore,  smoking a naturally medicinal plant (marijuana) will heal a person.

But it’s addictive, right? Yes, studies show it’s  about as addictive as coffee, but not as addictive as tobacco or alcohol. So a person may get a headache if they’re used to having it and then they go without using it.

Yes, it’s illegal, yet the current President of the United States and the 2 before him have admitted to using it. In fact, one out of four American adults has admitted using it in their lifetime.  The fact that it’s illegal has pretty much become a joke since the 1970’s. We don’t take it seriously anymore. Actors and musicians openly admit to using it and cops don’t check their pockets and arrest them. We just don’t care, as a society, about cannabis like we pretend to.

One of the main reasons cannabis has remained illegal since 1937 is because people believe the hype. “It’s a “gateway drug”. Well sure- it’s illegal. A lost soul with no aspirations for his life goes to a drug dealer to get illegal cannabis who is then introduced to harder drugs. In that case, it’s a gateway drug. But if it’s not illegal, it’s not necessarily a gateway.

It’s that circular reasoning popping up again. Darn it.

Some of the most eye-opening information I’ve been exposed to is comedian Doug Benson’s documentary Super High Me.  For 30 days, he doesn’t smoke marijuana, taking several tests to document his health.  Then, for the next 30 days, all he does is smoke marijuana.  The only time he is not actually smoking is while he is asleep.  Of course, he goes back and gets the same medical test done while under the influence of marijuana.  Here is a comparison of both scenarios:

Without marijuana, then with marijuana:

SAT: 980/1600; 1030/1600

Sperm Count: 21 Million/mL; 33 Million/mL

Lung Capacity: 92%; 89%

Weight: -2 lbs.; +8 lbs.

Short Term Memory: 27/29; 2/3 words; 24/29; 3/3 words

MJ rates

The Cannabis Conspiracy Table of Contents

The Profit from Illegalization
The False Floor of the Harmful Gateway Theory
The Stigma of a Pot Head is a Stereotype
God was the First Cannabis Grower
Society Itself is a Hypocrite
Man is Taking Credit for God’s Free Gift
Common Sense and Justice
Banning Cannabis Keeps Us from Utilizing Hemp

6 thoughts on “The Cannabis Conspiracy: How is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

  1. Here in Calif we had an election to make cannabis More legal. Oddly enough many BIG farmers and dispensary owners advocated a NO vote.
    Well prop 19 was defeated so there were not many New customers, guess what happened to the price for growers and sellers ??
    Here in Sacramento the price has plummeted to about 50% of what it was in November…
    Good deal for the Medicine patients, suckee deal for the growers and storefronts..
    Hope the big guys got what they wanted… I know one thing, those greedy ass money hungry beetchs got what they deserved ..
    Very good seedless bud can now be had for $90 an ounce, if
    your inside and a newb you prolly can’t grow it for that price ..
    So Gods plan of spreading this peace seems to be going forward,
    Where its legal violent crime goes way down ..


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